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Watch Wrestling WWE RAW:

Watch Wrestling is a hand-to-hand combat game or competitive contact game in which different techniques are applied such as grappling hold, pins, clinch fighting, and throws. This game is to get entertainments but the main reason behind this is one of the competitive game. Watch Wrestling game is played between two sportive or the competitors and both make the struggle to maintain their position supportive. This game is not a team like, in which an individual shows their own position by using the strength, stamina, and the associated techniques with wrestling. WWE Wrestling RAW was started as professional in which the competition is held between two or group competition.   Wrestling can only be played with the confidence, determination, strength, and other mental activities like leadership, self-motivation and the basic components of a wrestling game. Nowadays it seems to be very popular as the oldest ancient Greek game among the youngsters and the old man in most of the countries.

Modern WWE Wrestling:

Before 18 century the wrestlingappears as fairs in circus, theaters, and the grounds but no one challenge this game. But in 18 century Thomas Topham which is an Englishman and was born in London in 18 century with the German one Eugene Sandow. This fight or wrestling competition is the international and till now in 21 century it is played as hand-to-hand combat. Available wrestling game wwe superstarts video of dailymotion. In 18 century it is played and developed but and at the end, it adopts the international style.

Different styles of Wrestling:

  • Greco-Roman wrestling
  • Catch-as-catch-can wrestling
  • Freestyle wrestling

Greco-Roman wrestling:

This style first adopts by France so call it Greco-Roman wrestling. The rules and the regulation of this style are that you do not touch the legs that are forbidden. You can hold the man above the west when your competitor goes down. It became popular as an international game and has a subsequent of Olympic game. Available latest wrestling wwe nxt at watch wrestling website.

Catch-as-catch-can wrestling

The second style is famous in the United States and Great Britain. This game also becomes the Olympic game and first played in 1888. The rules and the regulation of this are in constraint to the Greco-Roman wrestling. You can hold the wrestler above the body west and win the game as pinfall. wwe ppv is very Famous Wrestling video Available.

Freestyle wrestling

Freestyle wrestling is also known as the international freestyle wrestling lucha underground that is the simulated or substituted form of Catch-as-catch-can wrestling. This style also becomes the part of the Olympic game in 1920.

Famous Wrestlers:

  1. George Hackenschmidt
He is the noble prize and the professional wrestler of mid 19 century and the player of Catch-as-catch-can wrestling style from 1990.
  1. John Cena

The American player John Cena is the world no one professional wrestler from 1999 to till now. Yes, he is a great player of United State America and the current champ wwe of the wrestler.
  1. Frank Gotch

The Frank Gotch is also the international and the famous player of a wrestling game. But in early1908, he is defeated by the noble prize world wrestler George Hackenschmidt.
  1. Chris Jericho

The man of world Chris Jericho is not just the famous wrestler of Canada but also the actor, businessman, musician, author,and the media actor.
  1. Shawn Michaels

The greatest supervisor and the non-wrestling activities that areperformed by the Shawn Michaels from 1998 to till now. He is also the good ambassador and he belonged to the United States of America. We are shared Latest wwe main event in our wrestling watch website.

World Wrestling Entertainment:

This is the world famous integrated media of America that provide the streaming of live professional wrestling. It holds all the events of wrestling over the years. The style of WWE is full of entertainment, scripted and the scheduled match of wrestling. It is established

Watch ROH Wrestling:

This is the best source to watch the live entertainment of wrestling. Here you can watch all the episodes of wrestling and the live matches of wrestling. Here you can also watch the ROH Honor United Edinburg.

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